About Yau Shing Gems

Founded in the 1980s as a partnership business by Wong's family in Hong Kong with a factory based in China.

What we cut

Yau Shing Gems manufactures cabochons, briolettes and stone beads with calibrated sizes for more than 30 years. Throughout these decades, we have gained deep knowledge in handling a wide range of gemstones, from natural colour quartz to various feldspars.

100% authentic stones

We strive for providing top quality products and service as we believe success relies on satisfaction and trust of our customers. Dedicated quality control is set up in Hong Kong office to provide qualified products to our customers, and each of our staff is passionate to deliver helpful and responsive customer service.

Raw Material to Finished Products

Every piece of gemstones has gone through a long process starting from (1) Hammer & select the suitable quality in the mine & Ship to our factory for a second selection & Cleaning from dirt and oil (2) Select and sort the size and quality (3) Cut the rough into cube shape, Sort again, Shape as calibrated size, Grinding, Go through several steps of polishing. (4) Clean again and go for QC checking and Grading before package.
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