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How can I access your website?

I have registered, why I cannot access your website?

Can I login with social network account?

How to buy?

How to see price?

Do I need to pay when I send the order via website?

I forget my password, how can I reset?

Product Related

MOQ for ordering stock?

MOQ for Production Order?

How do you grade the stones?

What are the common sizes you are cutting (Cabochon)?

Are all the products you list on the website in stock?


Can you send the stones to Australia / China / Europe / Japan / USA, etc?

How long does it take to receive the parcel in general?

How much does it cost to send?

How do you ship the parcel?

How to Find Us?

What gem shows do you exhibit?

Where are you located?

Can I come to your showroom to buy?

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